Teen Patti Online have been the hot choice of people for quite a while. As well as being simple, they’re intriguing too. While you can play without money, many players prefer to bet and make money in the process. However, not all players are alike. Some folks just wish to take away their stress playing games. Then some participants want to play only against the casino system without involving other players. If you’re one such individual, consider playing alone.

Single Player Cards Game Online: Easy Options

Teen Patti online has a wide variety. Here are some of the popular options for betting on 3 card casinos when playing alone.

  • Clock Solitaire

It’s the simplest game to play. The goal is to turn each card on the table facing up. At the start of the game, you have 13 piles of 4 cards. 12 out of those piles will go up in a circular pattern that are lined with the hour markers on the face of a clock. The 13th pile will go in the middle of that circle.

Now you must turn over the top card from the centre pile. Put that card under the hour pile corresponding to its rank. Remember, the ranks of aces are one o’clock, whereas jacks represent 11 o’clock and queens represent 12 o’clock. Also, Kings go in the second pile of the centre facing up. After moving the first card, you have to turn over the top card. Then move the card to the corresponding pile. Keep doing this until you can’t make any more moves.

You win if all the 13 piles become the face up piles of four-of-a-kind (meaning of the same kind). The game looks simple compared to any Teen Patti online. However, if you happen to turn up 4 kings in the centre pile before revealing other cards on the table, you lose. 

  • Pyramid Card Game

This is yet another option in the Teen Patti real cash. Here, you can play cards making a pyramid too. First, you set up the pyramid by dealing 1 card face up. Then you place 2 cards overlapping the 1 card. You repeat the process until you get 7 rows. The remaining cards are your stockpile that you keep them facing down.

The game aims to take the pyramid apart. You do so by removing exposed cards in pairs, beginning with the pyramid’s bottom row. The total value of every pair should be 13. Aces are 1, queens are 12, jacks are 11, and kings are 13. So, you can remove a king without needing another card. A card should be uncovered completely with no cards overlapping it to remove it.

You may draw a card from your stockpile one at a time to form a pair with an uncovered card. You can discard the card if you can’t use it for forming a pair. The game ends when you run out of cards in the stockpile or when you take the pyramid apart.

Key Takeaways

Teen Patti online can be a great way to relieve your daily stress. You can just play it as a social activity or make money competing against the system at the best betting site for Teen Patti such as Fairplay. Although other challenging games such as beleaguered castle and forty thieves are equally captivating, you need to practise a lot before testing your skills in those games. With time, you can become a proficient player of any card game. 

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